Affordable Guitars and Custom Repairs near Red Bank, NJ

cropped-store_front1This special page is designed and updated to help Beginner and Intermediate Guitarists find Acoustic and Electric guitars that offer both Affordable Quality and Affordable Pricing!

- In the following videos, local (and online) Guitar Instructor Nate Fegan partners with Chris Szczerbienski, owner and operator of  Be Sharp Guitars (Shrewsbury, NJ), to showcase a variety of Affordable Guitars, organized by price range, using a series of quick and practical demos to answer the following question – which look, sound, feel, and price range in a new or used guitar is going to satisfy your needs the most?

About Be Sharp Guitars: Local guitarists have a unique opportunity here to enjoy all there is to love about working closely with a smaller independent shop especially when it’s time to get started with a beginner or intermediate-level guitar and/or to find that true gem just waiting to be discovered.  In addition, what is definitely professional-level at Be Sharp Guitars is the precision repair and custom guitar work Chris (owner and operator) is known for.  Many of the area’s prominent professionals, hobbyists and collectors put their trust in Chris (and Be Sharp Guitars) when it’s time for important set-up work and repair.

- – See The BSG website for details:  or call the shop: 732-842-1604 – -

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All guitars in the following videos (unless noted otherwise) are For Sale, Available and Ready To Go.  Naturally before any purchase you are welcome (and invited) to sit back and play the guitar of your choice at Be Sharp Guitars just minutes from downtown Red Bank in Shrewsbury, NJ (convenient location also includes free off-street parking)!

- – – 

- Not ready for a new guitar yet?  If you’re local, imagine a Special $30.00 Service that can Make Your Current Guitar Play Like New – Just ask Chris about getting a standard “Set-Up” for the special guitar you have in mind!

- – -

- Guitars Under $100.00

This is a great category, because it means that if you happen to have more desire to play (than money to buy a new instrument), you can still get started with confidence!

- Meet the Johnson JG-100 (new).  This great little guitar continues to be available at Be-Sharp-Guitars for only $70.00 USD and is available in Walnut (pictured), Black, Blue, Red, and even Pink!  This guitar definitely makes a Great Gift Idea!

- – – 

- Guitars Under $150.00

In this category we start to get a sense that investing just a few extra dollars sometimes really can make a big difference!

- Meet the Yamaha EG-112 (used).  This great sounding guitar has a humbucker pickup in the bridge position making it a very versatile instrument for budding rock guitarists, and at only $120.00 USD (at Be-Sharp-Guitars) it’s a great deal!  (includes whammy bar and guitar strap)

- Meet the Crate Electra (SOLD).  This great sounding guitar has everything you need to get right into action – especially at only $120.00 USD at Be-Sharp-Guitars!

- Meet the AXL Headliner (new).  This is a brand new electric guitar that continues to be a Great Deal at Be-Sharp-Guitars for only $130.00 USD – plus it comes with a Gig Bag included!

- – -

- Guitars Under $200.00

In this unique category we start getting into beginner/intermediate level guitars.   This is an exciting level where increased sound and playability start becoming noticeable to both players and listeners alike!

- Meet the Johnson JT-800 (used).  This is a very cool Telecaster-Style Guitar at Be-Sharp-Guitars for only $180.00!  It definitely has versatility and a very cool vibe for all to enjoy!

- – -

- – We’re Just Getting Started – Stay Tuned For More!!! – – 

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As an educator, Nate has been teaching and providing professional services for unique and notable clients around the world for more than fifteen years. He is a Certified Professional Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotist, Tai Chi Instructor, and Qigong Instructor. And while Nate, his wife Andreea (and family) live and work by the beach near Red Bank, NJ, many of their professional and educational services are available to the world online via Skype!

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